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New Members Resources

The meeting agenda can be found on this shared link (Google doc). Please coordinate with our VP Education to confirm speech/project slots.

PDF Guides

Here are the most useful guides which all members can benefit from, no matter what Path you are on in Pathways.


A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats

A guide to the various supporting roles in club meetings.

Download file.

Your Speaking Voice

A guide to developing your most important asset as a speaker.

Download file.

A Toastmasters Promise

The benchmark for how to be an effective member of a club.

Download file.



An introductory guide to effective body language.

Download file.

Effective Evaluation

This is your guide for when you are the evaluator.

Download file.

New Members Profile

This optional document can help us to understand your needs.

Download file.

Beginners Videos


Rehearsal Tips for Great Speeches


Managing Fear


How to Offer Feedback


Impromptu Speaking

These resources will get you started, but your in-depth development will be found in your Pathways educational program once you have been enrolled online.